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To whom it may concern

 This is to say that I sought dental treatment for my fallen crown tooth during my holiday in Prague in October 2015. It was somewhat an emergency situation and it needed it to be fixed almost immediately.

 I visited ORTHOPOINT in Prague and it was done extremely well and in a very professional manner.

 There were six cavities which I had and they were also filled up over a period two days. In this connection I must say that I have sought dental treatments in many cities like Colombo Bangkok , Singapore and I am convinced that the services provided by ORTHOPOINT  were exceptionally outstanding . The technical skills and professionalism demonstrated by the surgeons and the nursing staff were far superior and treatment was completed in a very friendly environment. I was also comfortable as all of them could communicate in English.

 In short, I will without any hesitation recommend for your dental care ORTHOPOINT  in Prague .

 I wish them well.


 For UN senior staff member

 10 October 2015

Стоматологическая чрезвычайным - ORTO POINT | Orthopoint


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