Orthodontic treatments are not age-limited. We can move the teeth at any age. It is known that the oldest patient in the world was 98 years old. On the other hand, in case of children’s treatments, it is necessary to focus on the best time for each treatment. And every case must be considered individually. Researches (also common sense) showed, that it is not wise and good to treat children with removable appliances for more than 5 years and then to start with fixed appliances, when it is possible to wait and treat the child only for 1-2 years with only a fixed appliance. It is not our concern to mark the childhood of our patients with a long- lasting and frustrating orthodontic treatment. Modern orthodontics solely prefers intensive, as short as possible orthodontic treatments with fixed braces. Using them, we can reach better and longer-lasting results for guaranteed shorter period.