They are really so discreet and your friends won´t know that you are wearing braces unless you tell them - Invisalign.
As a less visible alternative to metal braces, we use ceramic brackets. 
Almost all of the malocclusions can be treated with classic metal brackets with colourful elastics.
Our dental services are extended with teeth implants Straumann and Meisinger.    
The journey for a shining smile never was easier.
A certified dental hygienist will demonstrate proper tooth brushing techniques and will help with the selection of the most appropriate dental appliances.         
For complex care for our patients, we expand our services. Preventive care, fillings, prosthetic works and the cooperation with an implantologist are no longer a problem in our office.
This solution is usually used with our smallest patients. We treat minor anomalies or we pre-treat teeth for a later fixed orthodontic appliance.