The first appointment at our clinic is usually for a consultation. A patient (optionally with parents) is informed about possibilities and conditions of the orthodontic treatment. An orthodontist preliminary estimates the way of the treatment. The second meeting is a detailed examination. We take notes of patient’s wishes and do necessary dental measurements. .We do impressions, take photos, do X-rays. Based on these examinations, an orthodontist will do necessary analysis and a specific treatment plan is set. The next appointment is for a consultation of the treatment plan. The plan is consulted with the patient. It sometimes happens that we have 2 or 3 possible solutions. In that case, patients choose themselves the best treatment plan for them. If a patient agrees with the plan, then the orthodontic treatment starts at the next meeting usually with bonding the brackets and continues according to the plan. If both an orthodontist and a patient are satisfied with the treatment result, we can remove the brackets and finish the whole treatment. The brackets and bands are removed with special orthodontic pliers. The remains of the fixation material are gently removed and teeth are polished. After that, the last impressions are made (retention appliances are made in the laboratory), documentary photos are taken, optional fixed retainers are made, after-treatment controls X-rays are done. Retention appliances are given to patients the following day  and they are instructed how to take care of them.